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Gun Safety Class - Sioux Falls, SD

Non approved nra class  faqs

Why is this course a NON Apporved NRA Class?

In accordance with this classes NRA Standards it can not be classified as an approved NRA Class due to:

Class will not be requiring prerequisite training requirements to attend.

      NRA Personal Protection in the Home Prerequisites:

  • NRA Basic Pistol Course Completion Certificate
  • NRA First Steps Pistol Course Cetificate
  • NRA pistol competitive shooting qualification card
  • Military DD214 with a pistol endorsement
  • Passing a pre-course assessment

      NRA Basic Personal Protection outside the Home Prerequisites:

  • ​NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home Course Completion Certificate

NRA training standards do not allow the use of human styled sihlouettes. 

  • These NON Approved NRA Personal Protection Classes will be using Police Styled sihlouette that do represent the shape of humans.

NRA training standards require the legal portion of the classes be taught by POST Certified Peace Officers or Attorneys. 

NON-NRA Testing Standards: 

  • Written tests:
    • Minimum passing score is 80%
    • Students who fail to meet this standard are allowed one retake.
    • Students are recommended to wait a minimum of 24 hours before reattempting the test.
    • All re-attempts must be scheduled with SFI
  • Firearms Qualifications:
    • Students will be allowed to shoot a qualification course of fire 3 times.
    • South Dakota Enhanced Permit to Carry Concealed Class:
      • ​Targets selected will be one of the following based on availability:
        • Targets B-21E Q Target 23x36, B-21E R Q Target 17.5x23, BT5-OCPD Target 17.5x23
      • Minimum passing score is: 80% or 40 hits out of 50 in designated scoring area
    • All other courses not specified above:
      • Firearms Qualifications on all other targets:
      • 80% of hits must be in designated scoring area
    • Students who fail to achieve a passing score:
      • Students are recommended to wait a minimum of 24 hours before reattempting the qualification.
      • All re-attempts must be scheduled with SFI (range fees may apply).
      • Students who failed to achieve the minimum passing score during their first three attempts, will be allowed to reattempt the qualification 3 times.
      • If a student fails to achieve a passing score during the reattempt(s) they will be directed to repeat the course. 

​Gun Safety Class - Sioux Falls,SD

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