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.40 S&W 

Inert Training/ Dummy Rounds

Introduction to Pistol 




Holsters - Range/Training: 


  • ​​Designed for Concealment: Low-cut and compact design makes concealment easy while also allowing for a quick draw
  • GLS™ (Grip Lock System): Secures weapon once holstered. The retention device is de-activated by the middle finger allowing for a smooth and easy straight up draw out of the holster
  • SafariSeven™ Construction: Crafted from a proprietary DuPont™ nylon blend, these holsters are practically impervious to the elements and require virtually no additional care to keep working hard and looking great.
  • Four Attachment Options


Inert Training/ Dummy Rounds



Concealment Holsters:

Defensive Pistol  Classes


SD Enhanced Class


First Aid Supplies:

.380 ACP 

Inert Training/ Dummy Rounds

Gun Vaults for Home, Auto, Work

Targets and training aids:​​​

South Dakota Enhanced


Defensive Firearms Class Targets


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SD Enhanced Class


gun care products:

Safariland Model 566BL Ultra High Ride Belt Loop - Concealment

The 566BL Ultra High Ride Belt Loop has two sets of hole patterns that allow a holster to be worn 1 inch or 2 inch higher on the belt. It features a laminate construction of a thermal formed polymer laminated to a leather look synthetic to complement the look of Safariland concealment holsters. The belt loop fits 1.75" or 2" inch belts.

​This works with both the ALS and GLS Holsters:

Less Lethal Self Defense Options:

Gun Belts:

20 Ga. 

Inert Training/ Dummy Rounds

Defensive Long Gun Accessories


Inert Training/ Dummy Rounds

12 Ga. 

Inert Training/ Dummy Rounds

.45 ACP 

Inert Training/ Dummy Rounds