Schlueter Firearms Instruction's goal is to provide training quality training anyone can afford!

Firearms classes:

Introduction to Pistol

South Dakota Permit to Carry Concealed

Defensive Pistol I

Defensive Pistol II

Defensive Pistol III

Defensive Pistol IV

Defensive Rifle/Pistol

Or one of the many links we maintain to quality online training topics that cover a variety of topics from Active Shooters, Church Security for Faith Based Properties or any where else a person could find them selves in a situation that education and training could help them prepare in advance for any emergency situation.  

We are happy to now help our students access quality online first aid training provided by the American Red Cross. These courses are designed by experts, their online-only classes provide an interactive and engaging method to learning essential safety and preparedness information and skills. 

To learn more about the Red Cross online-only classes, click on the links below to learn more about the Red Cross Online Safety Classes:



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