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Defensive Pistol I Class

This course is conducted as a Non-Approved NRA Defensive Pistol Class, based off of the NRA Personal Protection outside the Home Course. We will focus on the techniques needed to develop a defensive mindset. The goal of the course will be to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to carry and use a concealed pistol ethically, responsibly, and with confidence. The required prerequisite for students to attend this course is:

  • Possess a valid Permit to Carry Concealed from:
    • South Dakota Enhanced Permit
    • Minnesota
    • Nebraska
    • North Dakota Enhanced Permit
    • Utah (Resident or Non-Resident)
    • Possess a valid a South Dakota Enhanced Permit to Carry Concealed Class Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Completion from any State Certified Concealed Carry Instructor(s) from MN, NE, ND, UT.

This class is the prerequisite class to attend our other defensive firearms classes:

While attending this course students will learn about: 

  • Rules for Safe Gun Handling when carrying a defensive pistol.
  • Introduction to the basic principles of concealment of a defensive pistol.
  • Introduction to the use of cover and concealment
  • Presenting a pistol from the holster – Drawing/Re-holstering
  • Levels of mental awareness
  • Developing the proper mindset when using a pistol for personal protection.
  • Techniques for avoiding life-threatening confrontations
  • Immediate action drills to clear common stoppages.
  • Reloading under stress.
  • Move off the line of attack and shoot.
  • Live fire training –using a flash sight picture
  • And more….

Certificate of Completion is awarded to students who successfully complete this class. This course is only conducted by NRA Certified Firearms Instructors.​ Students will take a written test (70% minimum passing score), Live fire training, and Firearms qualification (25/33 minimum passing score)

Free Bonuses: 
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  • One student has the potential to qualify for and receive the top gun award from their class!
  • What does it take to earn this award?
    • The requirements to qualify for the Top Gun Award:
      • Class must consist of two or more students. 
      • Pass this courses written test with a score of 100%!
      • Achieve the highest qualification score in your class!
      • During the qualification - fire the designated number of rounds per sequence with in the allowed time!
      • Maintain 100% ACCOUNTABILITY with all your shots fired during the qualification!
        • 100% ACCOUNTABILITY is defined as all shots fired by the student during the qualification, shall hit within the outline of the silhouette shape of the designated qualification target!
  • What would the Top Gun Student Receive?
    • The winning student will receive a Certificate of Completion Awarding the Tittle of Top Gun for your Class!





Private Class Options:

  • Private Classes of Five or more students: $125.00(plus tax) per student* ** ***
  • ​Private One on One Class Option: $200.00(plus tax)* ** ***

*Private Class dates are subject to scheduling, approval by the instructor. 
**Private Classes - Students may be responsible for additional fees, such as class room & range fees.
***Alternate locations may be possible but subject to approval by the instructor. 


5 - Students Maximum.


4 Hours