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This course is conducted as a Non-Approved NRA Class - The Defensive Pistol IV Class is based off of the NRA Personal Protection outside the Home Course. We will focus on the techniques needed to develop a defensive mindset. The goal of the course will be to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to carry and use a concealed pistol ethically, responsibly, and with confidence. 

The required prerequisite for students to attend this course is to have successfully completed:

Possess a valid Permit to Carry Concealed from:

Successfully passed:

This class is the prerequisite class to attend our other defensive pistol classes:
Defensive Pistol V

While attending this course students will learn about: 

  • South Dakota Laws relating to Firearms & Use of Force
  • Rules for Safe Gun Handling when carrying a defensive pistol.​
  • Presenting a pistol from the holster – Drawing/Re-holstering.
  • Levels of mental awareness.
  • Developing the proper mindset when using a pistol for personal protection.
  • Techniques for avoiding life-threatening confrontations
  • Live fire training:
    • Immediate action drills to clear common stoppages.
    • Reloading under stress.
    • Introduction to:
      • Shooting in low light conditions
      • Shoot/No Shoot Live Fire Drill(s)
      • Shooting from seated positions
      • Movement to Cover
      • Movement from Seated Position to a shooting position(s)
      • Shooting around Cover
      • Move off the line of attack and shoot.
  • And more….​

Certificate of Completion is awarded to students who successfully complete this class. This course is only conducted by NRA Certified Firearms Instructors.​ Students will take a quiz (70% minimum passing score), Live fire training, and Firearms qualification (25/33 minimum passing score)

Free Bonuses: 
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  • One student has the potential to qualify for and receive the top gun award from their class! 
  • What does it take to earn this award?
    • The requirements to qualify for the Top Gun Award:
      • Class must consist of two or more students.
      • Pass the course written quiz with a score of 100%!
      • Achieve the highest qualification score in your class!
      • During the qualification - fire the designated number of rounds per sequence with in the allowed time!
      • Maintain 100% ACCOUNTABILITY with all your shots fired during the qualification!
        • 100% ACCOUNTABILITY is defined as all shots fired by the student during the qualification, shall hit within the outline of the silhouette shape of the designated qualification target!
  • What would the Top Gun Student Receive?
    • The winning student will receive a Certificate of Completion Awarding the Tittle of Top Gun for your Class!



Private Class Options:

  • Private Classes: $200.00(plus tax) per student* ** ***
    • *Private Class dates are subject to scheduling, approval by the instructor. 
    • **Private Classes - Students may be responsible for additional fees, such as class room & range fees.
    • ***Alternate locations may be possible but subject to approval by the instructor. 

5 - Students Maximum.


5 Hours